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January 30, 2009
New Products from OES MarketGroup Available on Sterling


Sterling Trader, Inc. is pleased to introduce new products from OES MarketGroup (“OES”), an industry leading provider of innovative smart routing and direct market access technologies serving market centers, broker-dealers, as well as OMS and EMS systems. The Sterling Trader® system is now compatible with OES MarketGroup’s MarketAxis™ smart order router, in addition to OES’ sponsored access agency brokerage solutions.

MarketAxis™ is a robust smart order router providing configurable liquidity sweeping, integrated dark pool access and smart day limit posting. This advanced technology enables users to sweep markets based on static or dynamic routing rules with features that can sweep, ping and post. Additionally, MarketAxis™ is positioned to complement your firm’s algorithmic solutions and assist in satisfying Reg NMS requirements.

OES Sponsored Access provides agency brokerage services to over 40 exchanges, ECNs and dark pool destinations which eliminates the need to maintain exchange memberships.

We hope you will want to take advantage of OES MarketGroup’s enhanced and streamlined order routing - and in so doing, benefit from lower execution costs and reduced ticket count as a result of OES’ compressed clearing mechanism. Attached, please find marketing brochures from OES MarketGroup that describe Sponsored Access and MarketAxis™ in more detail.

For more information about OES MarketGroup and their new products please contact:

OES MarketGroup
Attn: Rob Garrett, Managing Director Sales
744 Broad Street, 23rd Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 286-8743
[email protected]

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