Sterling Trader® Elite is the platform of choice for firms and traders with more sophisticated needs. We've incorporated our order staging platform, Order Desk Manager, our complete suite of algorithmic destinations, and access to our global trading regions. For further information about the benefits of Sterling Trader® Elite, please contact our New York office.


  • Desk Manager
  • Algo Order Entry
  • Overview
Order Desk Manager

The Sterling Trader® Order Desk Manager is an order management system for orders submitted via FIX to the desk from third-party systems.

Orders received in the Order Desk Manager can be worked accordingly by the desk to achieve best execution, including sent to the Algorithmic Order Entry window. All order messaging between the client, Order Desk Manager, and the execution destination are via FIX messaging.

If an order received in the Order Desk Manager is executed outside the system (phoned in or otherwise executed away), executions can be manually added to the system and reported back to the client.

Simplified View of Order Flow:
Order Desk Manager Flowchart
Algorithmic Order Entry

Sterling Trader® Algo Order Entry leverages our FIX connectivity solutions with the full scope of the Sterling Trader® Broker Network to deliver the industry's major algorithmic engines and brokers to the Elite subscriber.

The flexibility of our algo window allows traders to set the parameters of each order according to each algorithmic broker's specifications and stage those orders to be submitted throughout the trading day.

Algorithmic Order Entry
Keys to Elite:  
  • Algorithmic Order Entry
  • Staged Orders with Order Desk Manager
  • Flexibility of Multi-Clearing Relationships
  • Leverage of The Sterling Trader® Broker Network
  • Access to Global Trading Regions


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