Algos and API; Dark Pools and Proprietary Broker Routes; Real-Time Portfolio and Execution Management.

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High-bandwidth, low-latency global connectivity; North American and South American direct market access.

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Pre-trade risk; intraday margin and risk control; Complete OATS reporting; Easy to Borrow lists; FIX drops.

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Sterling Trader Continues International Expansion into Hong Kong and Shanghai through Partnership with Victory Securities
Sterling Trader Announces Positive Results of Systems Infrastructure Upgrades
Sterling Trader Launches Sterling Web Trader and Sterling Mobile to Provide Expanded Market Access Choices

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Sterling Trader is a broker-neutral, independent service bureau providing network and trading technology to financial institutions and professional traders around the world. Our advanced trading tools and state of the art global network make Sterling Trader the broker network of choice.

Broker NetworkBroker-to-Broker Connectivity and Global Network

Sterling Trader owns and operates a global Network of broker-to-broker conenctions and direct market access points, including markets in North America, South America, and Europe. Learn more...

Sterling Trader PlatformsTrading Platforms that Lead the Industry

Sterling Trader's suite of trading platforms feature tools designed for professional traders and financial insitutions. Our broker-neutrality gives clients access to the benefits of multi-broker relationships and routing. Learn More...

Risk ControlRisk Controls for Today's Compliance

Sterling Trader offers real-time trading compliance and risk control, from pre-trade risk, including price thresholds and duplicate order checks, to end-of-day and OATS reporting. Learn more...