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DDE & RTD Installation for Office 2007 or 2010

  1. Exit Sterling
  2. Start Excel
  3. Go to Excel Options
  4. Go to Trust center > Trust center settings
  5. Set trust center settings (see below)
  6. Close Excel
  7. Go to
  8. Select downloads tab
  9. Select .net framework no earlier than version 1.1 and no later than 3.5 SP1. These versions support the Sterling Trader Active X function. (If you have new versions, you do NOT need to uninstall them, you only need to make sure you also have a version between 1.1 and 3.5 SP1)
  10. From the Start menu go to control panel
  11. In classic view select User Accounts
  12. Choose Change Your Account Type
  13. Make the account an Administrator
  14. Go back
  15. Choose Change User Account Control settings
  16. Turn off UAC or turn it all the way down
  17. Go to and download Sterling Trader Pro from download tab.
  18. Select Run on popup
  19. Select Modify, Next
  20. Check the box name DDE or RTD (not both), Next
  21. It will install
  22. Start Sterling and Excel
  23. Go to Add-Ins tab and select Sterling Trader Pro
  24. Begin to set custom Excel monitor
  25. In Sterling go to actions on the main toolbar under Windows>Utilities and check off DDE (DDE only)

From the Excel trust center
ActiveX Settings:  Sent to Enable
Macro Settings: Enable all macros
External Content:  Enable for both settings