Sterling Trader® Pro is one of the leading direct-access trading platforms in the industry for trading equities, options, and futures. Used daily by proprietary trading firms, broker-dealers, and hedge funds around the world, the platform is fully customizable to the needs of individual traders to deliver a singular, exceptional trading experience.


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  • Futures Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Equities Trading
  • Version 8.7
The leading automated trading tools and scanning software in the industry can be linked to your Sterling Trader® Pro platform via our built in API functionality. The following platforms are already certified to connect to Sterling: (see our Technology Partners for additional information)
  Powered Trading PropReports
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  AR LOGO.png Softek
  Edge Financial Benchmarq
Futures Trading  
Sterling Trader provides an all-in-one solution for futures traders with our Futures Order Entry screen.
Features: Futures Trading
  • Available futures product list built into the screen
  • Market depth, order entry, and position detail in one window
  • Profit/Loss and daily totals, including average prices
  • Hot buttons to quickly trade out of a position or cancel open orders

Options Trading

Sterling Trader Pro offers real-time options trading in the U.S. and Brazil. Built on the equities framework, inlcuding customizable hot keys and portfolio management, Sterling also offers specialized options trading tools for the professional trader.

Options Trading

Options Chain
  • See every strike price for calls and puts for a specific underlying symbol.
  • Highlight in-the-money options for faster decision making.
  • Calculate Greeks and volatility.
Options Order Entry
  • Level 2 style window showing the best bid/ask of each exchange.
  • Track the underlying stock’s current statistics at the same time.
  • Link to Options Chain for quicker order entry changes and analysis.
Sterling Equities Trading

Sterling Trader® Pro delivers a feature-rich package of state-of-the-art equities trading tools designed to give traders complete control. From in-depth charting software, to API capabilities, to the broad range of execution points, Pro's combination of powerful performance and customization gives traders the power to execute their trading strategies with the click of a button

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Platform Highlights:  
  • Real-Time Level 2 Market Data
  • Portfolio Management
  • Basket Trading
  • Hot Keys
  • Stop Orders
  • API
  • Advanced Charting
  • Exchange Imbalances
  • Custom Alerts
  • News
  • Stock Watch Lists
  • RTD

Version 8.7: Serious Tools - Serious Opportunities

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  • Scan technical signals, such as %k
  • Quick scans for highs and lows
  • Scan for reversals, moving averages, and candle patterns
  • Custom scans and filters

Sterling Scanner


  • Pre-set Strategies
  • Custom Spreads
  • Stock Leg
  • Implied Prices
  • Integrated Into Options Chain
  • FIX Connectivity to broker-managed smart routes on the Sterling Trader Broker Network
  • Position Summary spread panel for easy management of spreads